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Computer Repair Overview

Getting help when you need it

When you use computers at your place of business, even a little down time can cost you. As consultants to hundreds of local businesses, we understand completely. That's why Waterloo Networks employs some of the most well-trained mobile consultants available. They come to you when you need them, 7 days a week, and possess a wide array of business oriented knowledge:

  • Fast and accurate identification of any computer problem
  • On-the-spot repair and resolution of hardware/software issues
  • The industry's most up to date certifications, insurance, and training
  • Government of Canada Personal Security Clearance (PSC:C) authorized
  • Network and connected systems installation and repair
  • Specialized training in business software and proprietary systems

  • We think that any good mobile technician should be able to offer all of the above. If the well being of your company computer systems is important, ask your current technology provider if they are qualified. Are they really qualified to be working with your systems? Just getting by isn't enough: you need to know your IT provider can do the job.

    Give us the opportunity to show you why hundreds of local businesses refuse to call anyone else.

    Contact Waterloo Networks for an initial visit free of charge.