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IT Consulting

Using Technology as a business tool

Is your business really benefiting from technology? Many companies still fail to acknowledge the real significance of technology as a tool for growth. The truth is, technology is quickly taking it's position as a foundation for modern business, rather than an option. Did you know:

* 62% of households with internet have purchased products online
* 80% of consumers under 30 search for company information online
* 35% of consumers search for products online as their first option
source: Reuters

If you think "people still use the yellow pages", you're right!  BUT.. the yellow pages online search gets used 15 million times a day, nearly twice as much as people admit to picking up the old phone book.

We believe that technology is important to every single business. No matter if you sell cars, flowers, or furniture. Service companies that do landscaping, roofing, or training. Everyone needs a technological presence, because people are looking to buy what you are selling!

Managers, do you have instant access to all the information relevant to your daily operations? Is your information updated instantaneously?
Supervisors, are your employees working to their full potential? What are they spending their time doing?
Owners, can you click one button and see what's happening outside or at your remote location? Can you turn the lights on and off from your remote office, or unlock a door just by moving your mouse?

Technology can help you do all of these things. No matter how big or small your business is, you can be more efficient, more effective, and more profitable by integrating the right products or services into your existing infrastructure. What kind of equipment do you need? What programs can you use to make your day easier? What integrates with what?

We have the answers, combining years of experience in business management, marketing, and technology. When it comes to IT consulting, give us the opportunity to show you why hundreds of local businesses just won't call anyone else.

Contact Waterloo Networks for an initial visit free of charge.