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Computer Service - Terms and Conditions

As a consumer, it's important to realize that there are literally millions of computers out there in all different shapes, sizes, manufacturers, and combinations. There are an infinite number of situations that can affect a computer in terms of hardware, software, peripherals, or anything in between.

Waterloo Networks hires only the most qualified technicians to fix your computer, and we're happy to brag that we get more than 99% positive feedback from our customers. Keep in mind that there are some conditions we've put in place to ensure we are able to offer a consistently high level of service.

Basic Charges

In most of our advertising campaigns, we show the rates and fees for our basic services. We do this because most computer situations fall into this category, so most customers will be charged according to what they see in our ads. Customers should be aware, however, that certain situations require (a) a lot more time, (b) external consulting and/or labour, (c) specialized tools or services, (d) all of the above, to repair or diagnose a problem correctly. In these cases, there will be extra charges above and beyond our normal "basic" rates. These charges will be explained in detail before we go ahead with repair - we will never charge something to your bill without your prior approval.

Stale Computers

If a customer leaves their computer at our shop for more than 6 months after we contact them to pick it up, we consider it to be abandoned. After a reasonable attempt to contact the customer, it will be refurbished and donated to charity or a school program.