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About our company

Waterloo Networks was founded from a realization that the quickly evolving technical world would bring great changes for people and business. We saw the need and desire to embrace technology, along with the confusion and frustration that often accompanies it. We set out on a mission to gather a group of people who had the high tech skills needed to confront technology, and combine them with the down to earth, friendly attitude of old-fashion business.

We make technology work for you. Using our combined skills, we can take your technology problems and turn them into history.

What is it that you do, exactly?

Our people are trained and certified in the latest computer, electronic, peripheral, and related technologies. We work together, as a team, to deliver the solution that fits your situation. To start:

  • We fix computers. All makes, models, types. Any and all problems.
  • We support you, the customer. In your home, in our stores, or on the road.
  • We help people improve their businesses with technology.
  • We offer advanced specialty services, like recovering lost data for example.
  • We connect computers; one, two, or a thousand, using our own design and ingenuity.
  • We can blanket wireless internet service throughout your home, office, or city.
  • We conquer problems which people usually think are unsolvable or too expensive.
  • We sell computers, peripherals, and related high tech equipment.
  • We make technology work for you.

    This is not a comprehensive list, but it should help you get the picture. Waterloo Networks is a group of well trained and highly skilled team members who have a sincere desire to help you. We focus on the latest technologies and combine them with the old fashion business principles like honesty, consistency, and trust.

    We've had hundreds of customers tell us, "after dealing with you, we would never call anyone else". You might wonder what could possibly make them say that, and... we'd like to show you!

    Contact Waterloo Networks for an initial visit free of charge.