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Web Sites & Hosting

Waterloo Networks offers a full compliment of internet products and services.

For those who have never had a website before

We offer an incredible starter's package which includes everything you need to get yourself on the net today! For just $349, we take care of registering a domain name, designing a website, getting your email addresses, and all the technical details involved. Just sit back, relax, and let us do the work!

For those who are familiar with internet processes, we offer many services to help with your existing site. In logical order;

Domain Name Registration

For as little as $24 per year, you can have your own internet domain name (www.yourname.com). We also offer regional domains (.ca, .us, etc) and specialized domains at discount prices.

Website Design

Having an online presence may be the single most important technology investment you can make. Did you know:

62% of households with internet have purchased products online
80% of consumers under 30 search for company information online
35% of consumers search for products online as their first option
source: Reuters

If you think "people still use the yellow pages", you're right! BUT.. the yellow pages online search gets used 15 million times a day, nearly twice as much as people admit to picking up a phone book.

We believe that an online presence is important to every single business. No matter if you sell cars, flowers, or furniture... everyone needs an online presence, because people are looking for you!

We design websites from scratch, based on your needs. We also offer updates and repairs to your existing site for those who want a refresh of their old content.

Web Hosting

After you've got a website you're happy with, show it to the world! Every webpage on the internet needs to reside on a web server. Waterloo Networks offers deep discounts on hosting your website. Starting from just $19 per month, it's one of the least expensive investments you can make. And with the whole world as your potential clients, why wouldn't you?


Tired of getting 5,000 SPAM emails a day? Waterloo Networks can receive email for your domain (@yourcompany.com), and filter out more than 98% of SPAM and virus infected messages before they even reach your email inbox. Next time you check your email, wouldn't it be nice to only receive the real messages? Makes a great compliment to our web hosting service.

Advanced internet services

If you're a web administrator who needs redundant DNS servers, or a designer who needs web programming, we offer a wide array of advanced services.

Why Waterloo Networks?

Our pricing is competitive, our service superb. We've got experience and talent. Thousands of references from satisfied customers. Get in touch and we'll make you glad you did!

Contact Waterloo Networks for an initial consultation free of charge.