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Keep your computer clean of viruses, ad-ware, and spyware

Here are some of our favorite FREE software tools. Please note, the use of these software programs is at your own risk. There are viruses and spyware that no program can remove automatically; the difficult ones need to have the special attention of a trained technician who can perform manual removal. The staff at Waterloo Networks is happy to help you with our low FLAT RATE repair of any virus, adware, or spyware problem you have.

AVG Free: Likely the best free antivirus software available : download
Ad-Aware: Great overall spyware scanner/removal tool : download
Windows Defender: Free windows based spyware protection : download
Open Office: It's like Microsoft Office, except free! : download
Google Toolbar: Stops annoying pop-ups and improves searching : download
Picasa: A really cool way to organize your photos : download
FireFox: Internet browser without so many security flaws : download
Belarc Advisor: Tells you exactly what's inside your computer : download


Test your RAM for errors : download
Seatools: Test your Hard Disk for errors : download

Have a suggestion for software that should be posted here? Drop us a line and speak your mind...

We're always looking for ways to improve our service. Please contact us regarding any comments, questions, or feedback.